Classes Description

Academy of Russian Ballet offers a range of dance classes which provide the preparatory and systematic ballet training of the Vaganova Syllabus, comprehensive curriculum, is proven to instill in dancers incomparable technique while striving for a greater sense of artistry, clarity, grace, athleticism, speed and musicality.

Mommy and Me
These popular classes Provides a comfortable atmosphere with a participating adult, where the child can begin to express their individual movement and musical abilities.
Students are introduced to a class structure, age appropriate stretches, coordination exercises, and rhythm through a safe and special experience with mommy. Added benefits for mom are increased flexibility, balance, and dance appreciation. Class also includes a movement story that encourages young children to explore, experiment, and create through creative dance.
Mommy and Me class meets once a week for 30 minutes. (Staff includes instructor)

Pre-Ballet 1 (age 3-5)
This class is designed to work on large motor skills as skipping, chasses, and ponies. Students will be working on rhythm timing and love of movement.

Pre-Ballet 2 (age 5-8)
In this class students will continue to work on large motor skills as skipping, chasses, and stretching.
Students will be working on legs, arms positions as well as coordination and improving listening skills.

Pre-Ballet Advance (age 5-8)
These classes will introduce younger students to basic ballet vocabulary and technique in a structured yet fun setting. Work on stretching, extensions, simple legs and arm positions, steps and jumps a cross of studio to improve coordination, musicality. Rhythm and concentration will be emphasized.

Ballet 1 (age 8-10)
Ballet class with short barre and center work, age appropriate stretches, basic positions of the legs and arms. Balance, hopping, skipping, jumping, galloping – basic locomotor movements.

Ballet 2 (age 8-10)
Students will learn ballet fundamentals and terminology while developing strength, confidence, balance, and flexibility. First levels of traditional ballet training, students learn concentration and endurance and become proficient in fundamental dance movement and ballet technique.

Ballet 3 (age 10-13)
For students with a strong understanding of movement and alignment, proper use of turn out, coordination of the upper body (epaulement), body, head and arm movements are coordinated and synchronized (port de bras). The focus will be on intermediate ballet technique and will include combinations on barre using reléve and balances on one leg, simple jumps are embellished with beats (batterie) and basic, beginner pointe work.

Ballet 4-5 (age 13-18)
Barre and center combinations move faster, and become more complex and incorporate more center floor combinations using reléve and balances on one leg. Different rhythms are introduced. Turnout based on individual ability and strength continues to be emphasized along with posture and core strength. Center exercises are longer and require more memorization and stamina.  More types of pirouettes, turns across the floor and jumps are learned. Pointe work are mastered with pirouette, fouette, fouette turns as well as jumps on both or one leg.

Conditioning-strength and stretch (age 8-18)
This class designed to build strength as well as extensions, endurance and balance. Special exercises with ballet inclining will focusing on muscles stretching and flexing, enhancing pirouettes, movements speed increasing, jumps with heights and timing escalating. The goal of this class is to make your children better dancers.

Privet Lessons
Privet Lessons offered at ARB give children and adults the opportunity to work one-on-one with a professional instructor. This kind of Classes are ideal for dancers that want to improve their technique or need specific coaching on technique, YAGP choreography or audition preparation, also work well for dancers with injury and/or contraindications.

Adult Beginner Ballet
Class is good for body as well as for mind. Besides promoting cardiovascular fitness and posture this introductory class provides a welcoming and friendly class for adults with little or no prior experience. In this level you will learn the basic positions and concepts of Ballet with exercises at the barre and in the center.

Adult Intermediate Ballet
Class created for any dancer with a basic understanding of ballet technique. This class covers the fundamentals of Ballet technique using simple combinations that allow students to focus on perfecting their technique, musicality, and movement.

Ballet Barre Workout
This one-hour class inspired by Classical Barre exercise and designed to trim, tightens, and tones your entire body. Ballet-barre class combines traditional ballet techniques including slow exercises to stretch and warm up muscles as well as fast exercises that help to strengthen muscles, develop technique and sculpt the body proportionally.

Aerial Ballet
This class incorporates the aerial silks into choreography allowing dancers to explore space in alternative three-dimensional planes. Integrating vertical and horizontal movement patterns into choreography allows us to explore movement vocabulary otherwise unavailable to dancers.
This class builds strength, power, flexibility, courage and grace in a non-competitive, exploratory environment.

This is a 45-minute gentle flow class that combines yoga postures (asanas), breathing (pranayama), and meditation. The main emphasis of the class is to slow things down so we can develop a stronger awareness and connection to our body and mind, with details to alignment and breath-work.